Being young, cool and cluey means embracing Palestine

The idea of supporting Israel and occupation simply doesn’t wash with many young Americans, including Jews, and the generational split is growing (see here). Who wants to defend settlements and apartheid?

Years ago, backing Israel was cool. These days, with the internet and satellite TV, increasing numbers of people know that Palestinian rights is one of the key issues of our day:

Palestinian MC Shadia Mansour and Iraqi rapper Lowkey have been at the forefront of the international movement calling for Palestinians’ right to self-determination. Cultures of Resistance’s short film A Day with Lowkey & Shadia Mansour follows these two dynamic musicians in New York City as they make radio appearances, hit the studio with Public Enemy producer Johnny Juice, and perform together at CoR-ally Norman Finkelstein’s book tour event.

Seeing Finkelstein at a hip-hop gig is worth the price of admission alone:

Cultures of Resistance: A Day with Lowkey & Shadia Mansour from Cultures of Resistance on Vimeo.

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