Companies will be remembered for backing Israeli apartheid

The complicity of Western multinationals in the maintenance of apartheid South Africa continues to haunt the world (I wrote last year about the role of Britain’s Tory leader David Cameron in this sordid history).

Who can read this latest news from the US and not wonder when Western firms will be hauled before courts to explain their role in Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine?

A court in New York has retired to consider its decision… over a lawsuit against several international corporations accused of aiding South Africa’s apartheid-era government.

Lawyers for companies… that included… Daimler AG, General Motors, Ford Motor Company and IBM… appeared at the hearing on Monday in a final effort to… prevent the case from proceeding.

The hearing before a panel of three judges… comes more than six years after South African victims’ groups first began litigation against a string of car makers, computer giants and banks.

The groups accused the companies of complicity in human rights abuses and aiding the South African government in its violent repression of black people.

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