How I learned to stop worrying and love the one-state solution

Last weekend, I published the following story in the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age on the one-state solution for Israel/Palestine.

It’s an issue I’ve thought about for many years including in a book I co-edited in 2013 with Palestinian Ahmed Moor called After Zionism.

Here’s an extract from my latest piece:

The two-state solution is the answer to a question that nobody serious is proposing. It’s become akin to gospel in every Western capital, endlessly repeated by American and European officials, even elements of the belligerent pro-Israel lobby who loathe the concept of Palestinian self-determination, and a whole army of think tanks and organisations in multiple countries.

It’s the zombie solution that’s resurrected every time the Middle East is on fire and presidents and prime ministers scramble for something nominally sensible to say. It’s convenient to mouth the two-state platitudes while knowing it’ll never happen. Making it a reality would require putting pressure on the more powerful party, Israel, to cease its obsession with colonising more Palestinian land.

A few days later, this letter appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald in response:

Then the day after, the Melbourne Age published these two letters:

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