If you spend it, deal with the ramifications

Former adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Eldad Yaniv, writes a very odd column in Haaretz in the form of a letter to Obama:

So use the stick on Netanyahu, but give us the carrot. Go online and learn that alleged finance guru Netanyahu dumped the state budget last week and told the treasury boys to start anew due to the public outcry. That’s how you deal with him: Alienate him from the public.

Show Netanyahu and us a plan whereby the Arabs get their state, the Palestinians forgo the right of return to Israel, and the land and Jerusalem is divided in two. But get us guarantees of security and recognition from 57 Muslim countries. Have the world reimburse us for the billions we squandered in the West Bank settlements, and we’ll use those funds to reinvest in the Negev and Galilee. Our lavish West Bank settlements will be donated to the Palestinians. Free convicted spy Jonathan Pollard as the icing on the cake.

Sorry what? The globe should reimburse Israel for the billions of its own money and foreign aid that was wasted on colonies? You’ve got to be kidding. Israel willfully decided to spend this money over decades (including during Barak’s term) and now they want compensation for this madness?

Dream on.

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