Israeli society declines and what do we say?

Racism, my name is Israeli society:

Lod’s Religions of Moses and Israel synagogue was burnt down seven months ago, but it’s manager has refused a generous donation to restore it, because the benefactor in a Muslim.

Muhammad Abu-Matir, of the Muslim Waqf has offered to put up half the sum needed to rebuild the synagogue, saying that the importance of a place of worship was “a red light to all religions. We will not forego a synagogue any more than we would a mosque.”

Nevertheless, Rabbi Avner Hacham is less than enthused: “I’m thrilled that an Arab wants to donate money to restore a synagogue. He said ‘I’ll rebuild it for you,’ but I don’t want an Arab rebuilding it.”

If the situation was reversed – a Muslim refuses the help of a Jew – the story would be beamed around the world: “anti-Semitic Muslims…” When it’s Jews, however, well, that’s the beauty of Zionism…

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