Jews who need a good, long hug

Gideon Levy writes in Haaretz about the worthlessness and bigotry of the settlers in the West Bank and receives this comment (from Australia):

It is people like Gideon Levy who do more harm to Israel than any anti-semite any where else could, simply because the fact that he`s *Israeli*, gives him the credibility to undermine his people and his country.

A 2000 old saying says that the worst enemies of the Jews are themselves, and Levy`s raison detre for dehumanizing his brothers living in the land (Judah + Samaria) envisioned by those who died so that the Jewish people could once again be masters of their own fate, is simply quite disturbing,

There is a general tilt to the right within Israeli society. Quite frankly, the population are sick of people like Gidon Levy, who just don`t understand that the Arabs will never recognize a Jewish state even at the size of a postage stamp – and the only thing stopping his arse in Tel aviv from being blown up are his selfessly “violent, isolated, conservative, religious and backward” bretheren taking the brunt of Palestinian hatred (and his own hatred for that matter)

Shame on you…

It takes a gutless Zionist community to ignore the hatred in its own midst.

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