Jews don’t have a monopoly on victimhood?

Reading some in the Israeli press, you would think the Egyptian uprisings are all about Israel and maintaining its fiction of “democracy” in the Middle East. In other words, democracy for Jews but hell for Arabs.

Bradley Burston in Haaretz outlines the well-worn Zionist lines (repeated ad nauseum by the Zionist lobby and many Jews in general):

We deserve to build settlements because we have suffered and the Arabs are violent.

We deserve to reject compromise because we are too generous and the Arabs want us dead.

As long as the Arabs refuse to accept us, we dare not show weakness.

The Arabs hate us no matter what we do, so we get to do what we want.

If it wasn’t for the left, the world would understand us and we would be just fine.

Democratic freedoms and the rule of law are vital, but we are in a state of war.

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