Jews who hate Arabs (and the state that backs it)

The reality of Jewish fascism in Israel isn’t a fringe mentality; it’s a growing minority of Jews who despise Arabs and believe Israel is given to us by God. Fat chance.

I spent a great deal of time observing these people during my recent visit to Israel and the West Bank. It is a reality that most Diaspora Jews prefer to ignore. This is Israel in 2009; not democracy, but hatred and bigotry.

Yesterday’s Australian newspaper featured this essay on Jewish fascists illegally throwing Palestinians out of their homes in Jerusalem and a military and judicial elite that supports it:

It’s four o’clock on Sunday afternoon in April and Nasser Jaber is standing in an Israeli courtroom.…  His task, on the face of it, is straightforward: to prove to the judge that the house he was born in 38 years ago – the house his grandparents moved into in the 1930s – is his.…  But there are more recent claimants to the house in Jerusalem’s Old City, and they believe they answer to a higher authority than title deeds or tenure.

Jaber had moved in with his parents while his house was being renovated, but made the mistake of leaving the property unattended.…  At 2.30am on April 2, four days after he’d left, Jaber’s next-door neighbours decided to take advantage of the Palestinian travel agent’s absence.…  They were armed Jewish settlers, hard-liners who rely on the Old Testament rather than documents of state to argue their right to live in certain sacred parts of Israel.…  They forced open his front door, changed the locks. and are now refusing to leave.

When alerted to the break in, Jaber contacted the Israeli police, expecting they would evict the settlers.…  Instead, the police took them food and supplies, and later that day helped another settler to move in. Jaber and some other neighbours had formed a blockade to try and deny the settlers access, but when the police called Jaber over to talk to them, other officers helped the newcomer enter.

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