Keeping the masses underfed

Glenn Greenwald, civil libertarian, blogger and author, discusses the themes in his new book Great American Hypocrites: Toppling the Big Myths of Republican Politics, conservatives’ bogus anti-government rhetoric as they preside over the biggest growth of government ever, their contempt for the Constitution they claim to venerate as they consolidate all power constitutional and otherwise in the presidency, the legacy of William F. Buckley in destroying what was once conservatism with the ex-communism of the neoconservatives, the cowardice of the War Party’s leaders, the parallels between the media’s love for Bush in 2000 and for McCain today, the shallowness and self-serving narcissism of American media figures, Attorney General Mukasey’s lies about what the law says and does and fictional versions of phone calls between terrorists before 9/11 in order to justify further expansions of power over us.

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