Media finally waking to Serco’s daily failures

Australia’s Christmas Island detention centre is in turmoil and controller of the place Serco is woefully incapable of running it. Might we finally see some questions about the privatisation of asylum seekers?

Interesting information from yesterday’s Crikey:

I’m currently on Christmas Island. I have just been speaking with a photojournalist who has been staking out the detention centre. He reports that, at most, 60 refugees were protesting and they only retaliated (with a store of Molotov cocktails) when tear gas was fired at them. He felt that this was in itself retaliation for the refugees making fools of Serco, the company responsible for the centre.…  Apparently the ablution block and the guards’ sleeping quarters (60 beds) were torched. The reporter was expecting a cargo of tear gas and other weapons to be flown in.

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