No more $ to the Iron Dome

A small but significant shift in the official US posture towards Israel with a number of US politicians refusing to give even more money to the Jewish state’s Iron Dome.

My comments to Middle East Eye:

Antony Loewenstein, an independent journalist who is writing a book on how Israel’s occupation has gone global, says that this decision to remove funding for Iron Dome is a small but welcome move. “What remains largely unrepresented in the US Congress are the voices calling to stop US aid entirely. Who is asking the key question: why does an industrialised nation like Israel need US aid or military support at all when it illegally occupies millions of Palestinians?

“US aid could be used as an effective weapon to pressure Israel to end its colonisation of the West Bank and Gaza, so I hope that this Iron Dome ‘debate’ is just the first step in that process.”

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