Public broadcasting is vital for democracy

Yet more evidence that the general public is far smarter than a self-interested media mogul:

Viewers and listeners are rallying around the BBC, according to a Guardian/ICM poll published today. It shows rising levels of trust in the broadcaster and increased public support for the licence fee.

The results challenge claims that the BBC’s growth has a “chilling” effect on consumer choice, made last month in a speech by James Murdoch, European chief executive of News International. His comments opened up debate about the future of the corporation, which is protected by its guaranteed licence fee while some other media organisations are facing sharp falls in revenue.

Murdoch criticised what he called the “expansion of state-sponsored journalism” on the BBC’s website, but today’s poll suggests public respect for the BBC’s output is growing.

An overwhelming majority, 77%, think the BBC is an institution people should be proud of – up from 68% in an equivalent ICM poll carried out five years ago. Most, 63%, also think it provides good value for money – up from 59% in 2004.

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