Smelling fear

Following my involvement with Independent Australian Jewish Voices in the recent public response to Australia’s endorsement of Israel’s 60th anniversary – something that has now been noted by leading Jewish bloggers in America and Britain – the group is receiving, along with a great deal of support, messages such as this:

You bunch of dirty rotten mamsers deserve a swing on the rope like the Nazi war criminals in the hands of Albert Pierremont and Chris Woods, the British and American executioners who hanged your Nazi friends after the Nuremberg Trials. If you can not say anything nice about the Jewish State, the State of Israel at least shut the fuck up and do not spread anti Semitic shit with your terrorist friends. If could, I would be happy to check your weight, adjust the rope around your neck and open the trap hole under your arse. That is what the mamsers like you deserve!

This is how some Jews deal with dissent.

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