Sydney rally for Wikileaks on 14 December

Demonstration to Free Julian Assange and Defend Wikileaks – Sydney Town Hall, Tuesday 14th December, 5.30pm

On Tuesday, the Westminster Magistrates’ Court will decide the outcome of Julian Assange’s bail application. Alongside global demonstrations on this day, a rally will be held in Sydney.

Spokesperson Antony Loewenstein, an independent journalist and author of My Israel Question and The Blogging Revolution, says that the Australian government has failed in its responsibilities towards Australian citizen Julian Assange.

“The Gillard government should be praising the bravery of an individual who dares reveal the realities of international diplomacy.

“The public has a right to know why we are in Afghanistan, why we support Israel, how the US views us and which ministers are relying information to Washington.”

He continued: “Wikileaks is a vital organisation that fundamentally challenges the lies told to us by governments across the world. Its truth-telling challenges the media to not simply republish press releases as news.”

There rally will march to the U.S. consulate to demand.

* Julian Assange is afforded all legal rights and released from custody.
* Governments recognise Wikileaks as enjoying the same freedoms as all other media outlets.
* The Australian Government retracts all statements and threats which have shown their utter disregard for the public’s right to know what governments are doing.

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