The apples in Israel are just lovely, aren’t they?

The Australian’s Foreign Editor, Greg Sheridan, has a history of getting everything wrong about the Middle East. But he loves Israel like a fine wine, so the Zionists adore him.

His latest essay in the Australian Literary Review, titled, Israel still looks good, warts and all, is yet another piece of startling inaccuracy.

How’s this for delusions?

It [Israel] is capitalist, Western, an ally of the US and uses military force when necessary to maintain its security. It rules, if temporarily, over an occupied Arab population and despite its own racial diversity is a mostly non-Arab population in a predominantly Arab region.

The occupation is temporary? That’ll be news to the Palestinians and anybody with a map and brain.

This is how it all works. When the Jewish state is under attack like never before and is found to have committed a litany of crimes, its most ardent defenders emerge to continually change the subject. To write that, “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East”, is nothing other than a blatant lie. Neo-cons are worried that maybe, just maybe, America’s blank cheque for Israeli expansionism may be over.

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