They should be throwing the settlers in prison

Israeli peace activist Ezra Nawi, currently facing the prospect of jail time for allegedly attacking an Israeli officer, was defended in a Jerusalem court last week by the country’s former deputy attorney general:

She said the Palestinians’ life in the southern Hebron Hills “is surreal – they have no water, no power supply, they are subject to constant harassment by settlers and are also up against a government that wishes to expel them.”

“Where there is no law and no one to turn to, Ezra is seen as a law breaker, while the state itself breaks the law and fails to uphold its basic obligations. Ezra is the savior of these people. He blocks with his body settlers who stop the farmers from working on their land. You could call him Robin Hood of the Wild West.”

I accompanied Nawi into the West Bank in July and saw with my own eyes his dedication to protecting Palestinians from violent Jewish settlers and complict Israeli soldiers.

UPDATE: It should be noted that Nawi vehemently denies attacking the Israeli soldier and the IDF is known to fabricate such charges regularly.

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