What will Europe do if Israel starts annexing?

As Israel flirts with annexing parts of the West Bank, Europe’s likely response is weak (at best).

Global broadcaster TRT World asked me about this issue:

Israel has occupied Palestinian land for over 50 years and Europe has barely mustered more than a few terse statements in opposition,” Antony Loewenstein, an independent journalist and filmmaker based in Jerusalem, told TRT World.

Regarding opposition in Europe, he added “in many European countries, including France and Germany, BDS is illegal so the options are limited, though activists should keep challenging these absurd laws.”

Loewenstein adds, “there’s too many vested interests in keeping the EU’s two-state delusion alive, from think-tanks to politicians to journalists.

“In time though, a one-state campaign, with full rights for all, will grow in power in Israel, Palestine and the rest of the world”.

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