When they’ve nothing left in the tank

Jewish blogger Phil Weiss notes a growing tendency of Zionist extremists resorting to name calling:

In their refusal to see what the slaughter of hundreds of Arab civilians has revealed about the foreign country they love, Commentary’s Noah Pollak and Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg have begun calling John Mearsheimer “Sheikh Hassan Mearsheimer.” This kind of namecalling is deeply offensive and even disturbing. Both these writers have perches at (once) dignified publications, whose editors would surely have removed this type of schoolyard chanting in the days of print, thereby saving the writers from themselves. I’ve never seen Walt or Mearsheimer, who are both fine and courageous men with considerable decorum, treat any of their adversaries with anything like this kind of abuse.

I’ve experienced this kind of abuse myself. Israel-firsters have little else to defend their racist leanings except throwing mud. Thankfully, the Jewish state is paying a price for this attitude; growing global isolation.

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