When two-states die, Israel has a slight problem on its hands

A recent piece in Israeli paper Ma’ariv by Avshalom Vilan, a former Meretz Knesset member, articulates the growing fear of some Israelis that apartheid in the occupied territories is simply unsustainable:

Regrettably, however, it is more important to the Israeli leadership to safeguard the coalition than to safeguard the state. Instead of grabbing the bull by the horns and starting to shape a reality of building up Israel as a Jewish and democratic state within the accepted 1967 borders, a state that is integrated into global economic processes and establishes itself as a model society and a spiritual center of the Jewish people, the two are engaged in counting new construction projects, placating the settlers and making pointless maneuvers with Obama. At this rate, the constant evasion of making a decision will turn the two into the great missed opportunity of Israeli politics.

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