Demolishing arguments

The following letters appear in today’s Sydney Morning Herald:

Mick Weiss (Letters, March 17) repeats the myth that the Israeli Government demolishes only the houses of suicide bombers. In fact, tens of thousands of Palestinian houses have been demolished in the occupied areas since 1967. The occupants have been forcibly removed to make way for Jewish settlements, often with as little as 15 minutes’ notice, and with no compensation.

Peter Maresch Lane Cove

Mick Weiss notes that Israel demolishes only the houses of suicide bombers who have carried out their act, and therefore it is not a factor in making someone become a suicide bomber. Does one person live in each house in Palestine? I suggest the dead suicide bomber cares little for the demolition of his house, but the remaining occupants will probably bear a grudge.

Julian Brown Manly Vale

Perhaps Mick Weiss should consider the possibility that those were not the first houses in which the suicide bombers lived.

Debby Nicholls Balmain

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