Utterly missing the point

My following letter appears in today’s Sunday Age newspaper:

The new blog the Sensible Jew (“Blog takes on the ‘swill’ who speak for Jews“, 7/6) appears unconcerned with anything other than improving the PR of the Zionist agenda. While a mature debate is raging overseas about war crimes in Gaza, ongoing settlement expansion in the West Bank and racist laws in Israel that would ban Arab memorials for 1948 ethnic cleansing, the mostly anonymous bloggers prefer to talk about Jewish spokespeople appearing clumsy on national television.

As is seen in Britain and the US, a growing number of concerned citizens, Jews and non-Jews alike, are no longer willing to accept a self-described Jewish state that actively discriminates against the non-Jewish population. A global campaign to boycott Israel is growing in strength.

Instead, the Australian Jewish community obsesses about who belongs to what Jewish roof body. The parochialism is startling.


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