We stand up for all human rights, not just Jews

Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) recently released a collection of essays by Jewish dissenters. My chapter, as the co-founder of Independent Australian Jewish Voices (IAJV), is about the situation in Australia and the growth of public anger towards Israel’s war crimes in the occupied territories.

The book, A Time to Speak Out, launched in London and was reported by leading Arab newspaper, Al-Hayat. The story featured the following:

One contributor to the book, London-based architect Abe Hayeem, told Al-Hayat how at the launch Lynne Segal, “gave a passionate speech about her experience of the terrifying checkpoints and Israeli soldiers bristling with guns, and wondered how this could be conveyed to the wholehearted supporters of Israel and the status quo.” Hayeem adds: “That is why this book is so important and why it should be read not only by Jews but by the whole community.”

Hayeem thinks that IJV’s role is “of a continuing importance to regularly raise the issue of Palestine, to push for a lasting solution” and that the IJV is “now more confident with the publication of this book, which is a kind of manifesto by its best academic, legal, literary minds.”

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