Killing Arabs in the name of Judaism

The London Times writes about the growing radicalism of the IDF:

During the Gaza war this year, Schmuel Kaufman, a military rabbi from a West Bank settlement, used to stride between the Israeli soldiers’ tents and urge them to fight what he deemed an “obligatory war” ordained by ancient scripture.

“It’s a holy war to protect women and children from the south of the country after a long period of endurance on our side,” he told The Times. “The commander of the battalion asked me to blow the shofar [a ram’s horn] every time before going into the fighting. I’m blowing the shofar while 500 soldiers stand behind me praying. They went in wrapped in holiness.”

Rabbi Kaufman and many other religious soldiers attributed Israel’s very low casualty rate in the month-long conflict to the newfound religiosity of its Armed Forces. In recent years, the army has become more devout, with an increasing number of recruits from religious and nationalist groups, including settlers.

40 to 50 percent of IDF soldiers are supposedly religious.

When will Zionists realise that their homeland is becoming a land of extremes?

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