New Yorker editor looks at Israel and dislikes what he sees

The love affair is turning sour. When the sympathetic “liberal” US media start asking serious questions about the Zionist state, Tel Aviv (and its blind Diaspora supporters) have a problem. Perhaps they should call David Remnick a self-hating Jew. That’ll work.

This is what he told Yediot a few days ago:

Do you see a certain change in the US Jewish community?

“A new generation of Jews is growing up in the US. Their relationship with Israel is becoming less patient and more problematic. They see what has happened with the Rabbinical Letter [proscribing rental and sale of property to Arabs — DR], for example. How long can you expect that they’ll love unconditionally the place called Israel [sic]? You’ve got a problem. You have the status of an occupier since 1967. It’s been happening for so long that even people like me, who understand … that not only one side is responsible for the conflict and that the Palestinians missed an historic opportunity for peace in 2000, can’t take it anymore.

“The US administration is trying out of good will to get a peace process moving and in return Israel lays out conditions like the release Jonathan Pollard. Sorry, it can’t go on this way. The … Jewish community is not just a nice breakfast at the Regency. You think it’s bad that a US President… is trying to make an effort to promote peace? That’s what’s hurting your feelings? Give me a break, you’ve got bigger problems. A shopping list in exchange for a two month moratorium on settlement construction? Jesus [sic].”

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